Feature Release – 1.3.10 – 1.3.12

  • > Rental Item Retire options
  • > Parts Item – In export provide the on hand qty with location
  • > Sales Item – Allow to select Item ID in “Account Tab” and item wise separate calculation
  • > Sales Item – Edit | Delete unique item id options
  • > Sales and Part – Can update the cost per item and vendor (stock wise update)
  • > Rental order – Display rental item name on order listing page
  • > All Orders – If select “ALL” checkbox then hide Action -> Delete options (in sales order | rental order | service order | quotes)
  • > Rental extend option – Allow to add same item in one order but both date should be different.
    (note : when add same rental item, you should update the line item date range first and then search item OR just select date range from calendar and choose the option “add to existing order”)
  • > Provide option to vehicle tied with business. In service order can select vehicle (tied with business)
  • > Rental order item date(timezone) issue fixed