About WebbRes

WebbRes provides a comprehensive software system that integrates sales, service operations, and rentals, into one easy-to-use platform. WebbRes enables businesses to reduce manual and repetitive processes. WebbRes eliminates the hassle of switching between platforms and saves businesses administrative overhead, provides operational insights, and creates faster customer experiences.

Our Mission

At WebbRes, our mission is to empower specialty dealerships with an all-in-one, cloud-based software platform that seamlessly integrates sales, rentals, and service operations. By automating processes, facilitating effective communication, and providing comprehensive management tools, we enable dealerships to enhance efficiency, save time, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Our Vision

WebbRes envisions a future where dealerships effortlessly streamline their processes, optimize productivity, and maximize profitability, all while delivering superior customer service and staying ahead in a digitally-driven industry.

Our Values

Considerate: We inquire about the what, why, how, who, and when, and devise alternative plans for any situation.

Forward-thinking: We seek ways to enhance our performance.

Responsible: We uphold our promises and take responsibility for our actions.

Cooperative: We engage in teamwork, working towards common goals.

Easy: We make it easy to contact us, buy from us, and use the platform, and get support.

Our Story

Alaska Trailer

In today’s competitive market, businesses must offer comprehensive solutions to meet their customers’ needs. This requires a business management software that is adaptable and all-encompassing. To address this challenge, Britton Webb created WebbRes, a dealership management software that can handle all logistical challenges of running any dealership, including heavy equipment, marine, RV, and trailers.

When WebbRes CEO, Britton Webb, established his trailer dealership, it was initially intended to rent an enclosed snow machine trailer to other riders during the winter. However, to make the business sustainable, Britton quickly realized they needed to expand into sales and repair services. As the dealership, Alaska Trailer, grew, they encountered a significant challenge: no dealership management software on the market could handle all the necessary tasks.

For instance, the rental management system they used could track when rentals came in or went out, but it could not facilitate digital contract signatures. Additionally, the software lacked inspection report capabilities, necessitating another system. This meant every aspect of the dealership was being run through a different software, which was outdated and lacking technical support.

Furthermore, the software programs were incompatible and expensive, and it took significant time to train employees to use them. This experience led Britton to envision WebbRes, a comprehensive dealership management software that could handle every aspect of the business, from sales to rentals to repairs.

Within a year, WebbRes Version 1 was ready to launch, and Britton tested it at his trailer dealership, Alaska Trailer. The initial version was a great success for the dealership, but it was not customizable for other dealerships. Consequently, the WebbRes team developed Version 2, which is scalable and highly customizable.

WebbRes DMS was pitched at the 2021 Alaska Angel Conference and won investment, allowing WebbRes 2.0 to be launched on the market. The software offers rental, sales, and service operations, in one connected platform, with every feature tailored to meet the specific needs of each business.

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