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How We started….

In today’s market, businesses succeed when they can provide everything that their customers might need. That means that today’s business management software needs to be as all-encompassing and adaptable as the business using it. That’s why Britton Webb created WebbRes, an all-in-one management solution to the logistical challenges of running any type of dealership: Whether it’s cars, boats, bikes, or in his case – Trailers.

When WebbRes CEO Britton Webb first started his trailer dealership Alaska Trailer in 2014, it was originally just to rent out an enclosed snow machine trailer to other riders during the winter. To be a sustainable business, however, Britton and his partners quickly learned that they would need to do more than just rentals. As the years went by and Alaska Trailer expanded into sales and repair services – two common components of any dealership – another challenge presented itself:
No dealership management software out there was able to do it all.
Take rentals, for example: Using one of the more popular rental management systems on the market, Alaska Trailer could track when the rentals were coming in or going out easily enough, but when it came time to sign a rental contract with the customer, they found they weren’t able to digitally sign those contracts without a complicated workaround involving an e-signature pad on a specific device. In other words, the way it had been done for the last 30 years. The technology, if it was there at all, was outdated and lacking in dedicated technical support.
Then when it came time for the inspection capture reports to document any damage or issues with rentals going in and out, the software being used to track rentals didn’t have any inspection report capabilities, so another system was needed. Which meant another subscription.
From scheduling appointments and bookings, to filling out and maintaining inspection reports, to tracking inventory, to signing contracts, to processing payments, it seemed like every aspect of the dealership business was being run through a different piece of software, all of it at least ten years behind the times.
And of course, none of those programs could communicate with each other, because they were all built by different companies with their own expensive subscription plans.
Add to that the amount of time it took to train new employees just to use all the different programs, and Britton realized that all the technology that was meant to streamline his business’s operations was becoming more trouble than it was worth. Literally.
So the initial vision for WebbRes was formed: A dealership management software system that could handle every aspect of the business, from sales to rentals to repairs and any other services that might come up. With that in mind, Britton searched the globe until the end of 2019, when a chance meeting in India led him to Raju Detroja, who took on Britton’s vision and would soon become the Director of Engineering for WebbRes. Within a year, WebbRes Version 1 was ready to launch, and Britton quickly incorporated it into his own trailer business to see firsthand if it was a viable business solution.
“We built Version 1 with a new team and a new founder that didn’t know too much about software, and we just wanted to see if it would work… My own company, Alaska Trailer, would be the beta tester.”
      –   WebbRes CEO Britton Webb
And it did work. Really well. Alaska Trailer uses WebbRes to this day to handle all of their business management needs, however it is a far cry from the Version 1 that was originally developed.
The Version 1 software worked great for trailer dealerships like Alaska Trailer, but for other dealerships, the mold didn’t quite fit. So the WebbRes team got to work building Version 2, this time with the ultimate goal of scalability in mind: Every component of Version 2 would be easily customizable to fit the needs of each business.
In order to develop Version 2, however, the company needed to grow, so Britton pitched WebbRes DMS to the 2021 Alaska Angel conference, and won. They clearly saw the potential for WebbRes as well, and thanks to their investment, WebbRes 2.0 is now on the market and available for your company today.
Do you want your customers to be able to go to your website and see exactly what’s available for sale and rental, in a list that’s updated in real-time? What if your rental contracts and your payment processing could be accessed in the same software as your inspection tool and inventory list, allowing your employees to set up a rental from start to finish in one smooth process?
Put the days of software silos behind you and pick a modern dealership management software that was designed by and for dealership owners. WebbRes is built from the ground up to be an all-in-one solution, with every feature fine-tuned and catered to your specific business needs. Request a demo today and see how WebbRes can save your business time and money with its all-in-one, one-size-fits-all design.

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