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Automatically Request Google Reviews

Automatically Request Google Reviews

Did you know that the best time to seek customer feedback is immediately after they’ve completed a purchase, returned a rental, or received your services? Webb Res seamlessly integrates the collection of reviews into your business workflow, making it effortless.

Grow Your Online Presence

Online reviews serve as a powerful form of digital word-of-mouth, playing an important role in attracting new customers to your business. These testimonials provide potential clients with authentic insights into the experiences of others, influencing their decision-making process.

Customer Retention for Greater Profits

Securing a new customer costs five times more than retaining an existing one. WebbRes is committed to optimizing your business through effective engagement with your current customer base. Customers will be invited to share their feedback, surfacing any concerns and affording you the chance to promptly address and resolve them. Only when positive feedback is provided, it gets converted into reviews on Google.

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Review Reputation

How It Works


Transaction Completed

Customer completes a purchase, rental or service


Feedback Request

Promptly after the transaction, the customer receives a text or email from your business, inviting them to share their feedback.


Automated Posting or Notification

For Positive Feedback

If the received feedback is positive, WebbRes automatically posts it to Google Reviews, bolstering your online reputation.

For Less Favorable Feedback

In the case of less favorable feedback, you are promptly notified. This provides your business with the valuable opportunity to address the issue directly with the customer, ensuring their concerns are resolved and transforming them into a satisfied customer.

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