Subdomain integration
Seamless User Experience

Replicates the main site’s design, providing a cohesive and seamless experience for users navigating between the main site and subdomain pages.

Enhanced Functionality

Allows for the addition of specialized features and content on the subdomain without compromising the design of the main website.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Not limited to specific CMS platforms, making it a versatile option for businesses using various content management systems.

Keep Your Existing Website

Spent a lot of time building your current website and optimizing it for search engine results? A subdomain enables you to keep your current marketing website and seamlessly transition back-and-forth to a subdomain that will keep real-time inventory and allow for instant rental bookings.

Development Time

Creating a subdomain and integrating the plugin can be more time-consuming than a simple plugin installation.

Potential SEO Considerations

While efforts are made to maintain consistency, there may be SEO considerations when introducing subdomains.

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