Professional Services

Even the best tools and solutions don’t work if not used correctly.

We believe every customer should get a personalized implementation experience to insure your success. From field setup, to user configuration, data important, and module expansion, the WebbRes Professional Services team is here to support your business!

Implementation Tiers


  • Up to 5 hours of implementation project work.
  • This is the basic level of implementation.
  • Suitable for small businesses or those looking for a streamlined setup.
  • The implementation team will assist in configuring the software to match the specific needs and requirements of your business. This may include setting up user accounts, basic system settings, and customizing fields and workflows. Includes guided support for your team to import legacy system data.
  • Training sessions may be provided to help your team get started with using the software effectively. This may involve basic user training and guidance on essential features.


  • Up to 30 hours of implementation project work.
  • This tier offers a more extensive implementation process.
  • Designed for businesses with more complex requirements.
  • In addition to the basic configuration, the implementation team will provide more in-depth customization to tailor the software to your business processes. This might include setting up workflows, custom reports, and integrating with other systems.
  • This tier includes the option for WebbRes staff to import your existing data from other systems, ensuring a smooth transition.*
  • More extensive training sessions are included to ensure that your team is proficient in using the software.


  • Up to 50 hours of implementation project work.
  • This tier offers the highest level of service and is suitable for larger organizations or those with complex needs.
  • The Professional Services team will work closely with your organization to provide a highly customized solution.
  • Similar to the Advanced Tier, this includes the import of legacy data, ensuring a seamless transition.*
  • Premium tier customers receive in-depth training. This may include on-site training or strategic guidance.
* Implementation project work includes: customer meetings, system configuration, data organization and import, user training, and system testing.
** Legacy data import: data must be in excel or CSV format, requiring limited rearrangement or cleanup in preparation for import. Manual extraction or heavy cleanup of data needs to be scoped and estimated.

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