Load’em Up Trailers Streamlines Workflow and Boosts Growth with WebbRes

Streamline workflow boost growth

Load’em Up Trailers, a trailer rental business in Carver, MN, faced a major challenge with managing their rental bookings and services. They were using Excel and Cognito Forms for managing rental bookings, which was time-consuming and error-prone. In addition, they did not have a website and relied on texting clients a link to gather rental information (see questions to ask when choosing a trailer DMS.) But after implementing WebbRes, a dealer management system for rentals and services, they transformed their business.

With WebbRes, Load’em Up Trailers can manage their rental inventory, bookings, and associated services with ease. The calendar feature in WebbRes allows them to see rental reservations at a glance, including trailer type and availability, making it easier to manage workflow on a daily basis. The dealer management system works the way the owners (Stacy and Cally Trimbo) do, and they don’t have to conform to the software.

Load’em Up Trailers uses WebbRes every day, seven days a week, multiple times a day on desktop and phone. The dealer management system has made it possible for them to conduct business on mobile, on the fly, even while grocery shopping and still keep track of rental bookings. One of the biggest advantages of WebbRes for Load’em Up Trailers is the electronic signature feature. Now data is encrypted, safe, and secure.

WebbRes has been instrumental in the growth of Load’em Up Trailers. Before, they only serviced their own trailers, but with the Service module in WebbRes, they have begun servicing other clients’ trailers. They recently switched to Preferred Payments for payment processing, which is integrated into WebbRes for a seamless experience. WebbRes also provides a trailer listing website that Load’em Up Trailers did not have before.

Stacy and Cally appreciate that they can get support by phone or email, and customer support is very receptive to enhancements. WebbRes is building a Wiki help space for customers to provide more information and notifications about enhancements that come out. In Stacy’s words, “There’s no way we could have continued to grow our business without rental software.”

In conclusion, implementing WebbRes has transformed Load’em Up Trailers’ business. They can now manage their inventory, workflow, and rental bookings effectively with ease. WebbRes has eliminated the hassle of switching between platforms and saved them administrative overhead, provided operational insights, and created a faster customer experience. If you run a trailer rental business, it’s time to consider a dealer management system like WebbRes to streamline your operations and improve customer satisfaction.

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