10 Most Popular Rentals on Every Job Site

Rental equipment

Heavy equipment refers to large, complex machines used in construction, mining, forestry, and other industries. Rental management is a cost-effective way for companies to access the machinery they need without incurring the high capital costs of purchasing it outright. Here are some of the most rented equipment and their uses.

  1. Excavators – Excavators are versatile machines used for digging, trenching, and demolition. They come in various sizes and shapes, with a range of attachments like hydraulic hammers, augers, and buckets, making them ideal for various jobs. According to data from United Rentals, excavators are the most commonly rented heavy equipment, with demand for them increasing year on year.
  2. Loaders – Loaders are heavy equipment machines used for loading materials such as gravel, dirt, and debris into trucks, moving large amounts of earth, and excavating sites. They come in different types, including skid steer loaders, backhoe loaders, and wheel loaders, making them ideal for different terrains and job types.
  3. Bulldozers – Bulldozers are used to move large amounts of earth, flatten and level terrain, and push materials. They are a staple in construction and mining industries, and their ability to handle rough terrain and large amounts of earth makes them essential in many job sites.
  4. Cranes – Cranes are heavy equipment machines used for lifting and moving heavy loads. They come in different sizes and types, including mobile, tower, and crawler cranes, making them suitable for various job sites. According to data from EquipmentWatch, mobile cranes are the most rented crane type, with demand increasing year on year.
  5. Skid steers – Skid steers are small, versatile machines used for digging, grading, and loading materials. They are ideal for tight spaces, making them popular in construction and landscaping industries.
  6. Backhoes – Backhoes are heavy equipment machines used for digging and excavating materials. They are versatile machines that can handle various job types, including trenching, demolition, and landscaping.
  7. Forklifts – Forklifts are heavy equipment machines used for lifting and moving materials. They are popular in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and construction sites, where they are used to move materials around the job site.

According to data from EquipmentWatch and United Rentals, the most rented heavy equipment machines include excavators, loaders, bulldozers, cranes, skid steers, backhoes, and forklifts. The demand for these machines continues to increase as more companies embrace renting as a cost-effective way of accessing the equipment they need.

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