WebbRes Welcomes Preferred Payments to Its Partner Program

Payment processor

WebbRes has announced a new partnership with Preferred Payments, a prominent payment processing solutions provider. The collaboration is aimed at streamlining payment processing operations for trailer dealers using WebbRes’s platform. The partnership provides a seamless and secure payment processing experience for dealers and offers a host of benefits such as lower processing rates, PCI compliance assistance, U.S.-based customer service, and hardware discounts.

The integration with Preferred Payments is easy and offers dealers the opportunity to take advantage of discounted prices, quality customer service, and dashboard-based payment management. With the addition of the Cloud EMV solution, dealers can accept card-present purchases at checkout, without the need to connect several devices to their workstation. The payment integration of text-to-pay functionality into their platform will enable customers to conveniently and quickly pay through text messages, without having to set up a separate payment service.

The collaboration with Preferred Payments will help improve customer satisfaction and lead to higher conversion rates. Moreover, the secure and reliable payment system builds customer trust and confidence, which is essential for any business. The partnership demonstrates WebbRes’s commitment to providing the best dealer management experience by collaborating with industry leaders to improve its platform’s functionality.

“We are delighted to welcome Preferred Payments to our partner program,” said Britton Webb, CEO of WebbRes. “Our collaboration will enable our dealers to streamline their payment processing operations and provide their customers with a hassle-free and secure payment experience.”

Preferred Payments CEO, David Anderson, noted, “Our partnership with WebbRes is a significant step forward for us as we continue to expand our network and reach in the payments industry. This collaboration enables us to provide our clients with a seamless and secure payment processing experience, while also streamlining the management of dealer operations.”

The integration of Preferred Payments with WebbRes demonstrates the growing need for secure payment processing solutions that enhance customer experience and improve overall business efficiency. This partnership serves as a testament to the commitment of both companies to provide exceptional service and the best possible experience for their clients.

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