WebbRes Expands its Reach with PlanetTrailer.com: Connecting Dealers to a Thriving Marketplace


ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Aug. 14, 2023 — ANCHORAGE, Alaska – WebbRes, a provider of specialty dealership management systems (DMS), today announced the launch of PlanetTrailer.com, an innovative online marketplace for trailers. This cutting-edge platform is set to revolutionize the buying and selling process for dealerships, empowering them to connect with customers more efficiently and expand their businesses with ease.

At PlanetTrailer.com, visitors can access real-time inventory and make online inquiries for trailers and equipment, providing a wider selection than available at a single dealership. This functionality enables buyers to find the trailer they’re looking for and empowers dealership teams to turn inventory over.

PlanetTrailer.com is seamlessly integrated with WebbRes software, allowing dealerships to effortlessly list their trailer inventory on the marketplace at no additional cost, as part of the WebbRes DMS Sales module. The WebbRes DMS Sales module enables dealerships to automate their sales process, create workflows that align with their goals, and facilitate effective communication throughout all transactions.

“With PlanetTrailer.com, we are taking a significant step forward in giving dealerships everything they need to grow revenue,” said Britton Webb, CEO of WebbRes. “The platform’s seamless integration with our WebbRes software allows dealerships to open up an entirely new sales channel with the click of a button.”

To showcase the capabilities of both PlanetTrailer.com and WebbRes DMS, WebbRes will exhibit at the NATDA Trailer Show (https://webbres.com/news/2023-natda-trailer-show) conference in Nashville, TN, on August 30-31. Visitors to booth 2742 will have the opportunity to experience firsthand how these integrated solutions drive business growth, enhance efficiency, and set new standards in the trailer industry.

About WebbRes

WebbRes provides a comprehensive software system that integrates sales, rentals, and service operations into one easy-to-use platform. WebbRes enables dealerships to significantly cut down on manual and repetitive processes. WebbRes eliminates the hassle of switching between platforms and saves dealerships administrative overhead, provides operational insights, and creates a faster customer experience. Learn more at https://webbres.com.