WebbRes Unveils 2023 Fall Release Version 2.0.50

WebbRes Fall 2023 Release Version 2.5.00

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Sept. 26, 2023 — WebbRes, a provider of specialty dealership management systems (DMS), is proud to announce the much-anticipated 2023 Fall Release Version 2.0.50. This transformative update ushers in a new era of efficiency and productivity for businesses by further integrating sales, service operations, and rentals into one streamlined platform.

WebbRes understands the challenges faced by modern businesses: the need to reduce manual tasks, minimize repetitive processes, and create faster, more satisfying customer experiences. Release Version 2.0.50 is engineered to tackle these challenges head-on, revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

Some of the new features include:

  • Google Merchant Center Integrations: Seamlessly connect with the Google Merchant Center, simplify Google Shopping API integration, and effortlessly manage inventory across multiple platforms.
  • Auto Subscriptions: Automate customer invoicing and receive notifications for successful auto payments, ensuring efficient billing processes.
  • Warranty Registrations: Enhance customer verification during warranty registrations, providing added security and precision.
  • Review & Reputations: Customize review request templates, and manage reviews efficiently within the CRM.
  • Inventory Enhancements: Access special options conveniently, track detailed order history, and link inventory items with purchase orders, even at zero quantities.
  • Sales, Rental, and Service Orders: Set and monitor various goal options, capture inspections using an integrated image editor, and streamline communication with a refreshed UI.
  • Advanced Reports: Unlock deeper insights with advanced reporting options, including inventory sold-out filters and comprehensive Profit & Loss reports.

These updates bring substantial benefits to trailer, RV, and equipment dealerships using WebbRes software. By seamlessly integrating their operations and streamlining processes, dealerships can expect increased operational efficiency, reduced administrative burdens, improved customer experiences, and ultimately, greater profitability.

About WebbRes

WebbRes provides a comprehensive software system that integrates sales, service operations, and rentals, into one easy-to-use platform. WebbRes enables businesses to reduce manual and repetitive processes. WebbRes eliminates the hassle of switching between platforms and saves businesses administrative overhead, provides operational insights, and creates faster customer experiences. Learn more at https://webbres.com