Release Notes



  • Print Invoice option in all modules
    Print Order
  • Rename zip code to postal code
  • Allow create service order from line item, even if order completed
  • Show workflow list according to module
  • Service order – Add option to see technician schedule and update it
    Update Technician Schedule
  • Layout – Show different color and tooltip text for system defined fields
  • Business – Add tax exempt options
  • Cash Drawer report – Add cash option (for adjustments)
  • Show quote number (convert from) in all orders
  • Dashboard filter – Update from year to YTD
  • Sold Inventory report – Update report to show inventory of all orders
  • Company page – Remove card delete option
  • Move manufacturer category into Items, move service category into Services
  • Update Renewal process – Remove multiple steps and provide single step for renewals as well as add new card option

Separate Inventory Parts options

  • Add system defined master menu (Parts)
  • Separate layout for parts
  • Category – can choose master menu and it will show which category’s items show under the respective master menu
    Parts Menu
  • Separate add parts option
  • Parts import option
  • Add parts option from order inventory line items

Appointment Module

  • Add new service appointment
  • Convert appointment to service order
  • Show appointment on calendar

Customer Merge option

  • Merge attachments, all orders etc
    Customer Merge

Business Merge option

  • Merge attachments, all orders etc



  • Update qty pull out from stock strategy
    • Qty pull out from stock immediately when added as line item in following order
      • Sales Order
      • Rental Order
      • Service Order
      • Quotes Convert to Order
  • Show Other location available qty details when insufficient qty for selected location in order
  • When orders (Sales, Rental, Services and Quotes) is completed, should not allow customer to change or update anything in General Details tab
  • Live chat should ended automatically when no found activity after a while
  • Live chat – “Add to customer” option from live chat
  • Show new release message “New version released 2.0.41 See what’s new” and redirect to Release Notes page
  • Set default location in whole system if client have only one location

Dashboard Chart (Graph) updated, show product count details instead of percentage (%) details

  • Sales Dashboard
    • Sales by Category
    • Sales by Location
    • Sales by Manufacturer
    • Sales by Associate
    • Top Sales Items
  • Rental Dashboard
    • Rental by Category
    • Rental by Location
    • Rental by Manufacturer
    • Top Rental Items


  • Add new Chart (Graph) Reporting in following report
    • Daily Payment Summary
    • Payment Received Report
    • Cash Summary Report
    • Revenue Summary Report
    • Tax Collection Report
    • Total Wrench Time by Technician
    • Sold Inventory Report



  • Select the Default Location in whole system if client only has one location
  • Show Department in Live and Website text chat
  • Move Chat history to CRM and show Department field
  • Store inquiry in database sent from Planet Trailer

Chat Widget

  • Change chat icon to Text Us!
  • Automatically send message when chat initiated
  • Typing effect (show bubble on website chat when WebbRes user typing)
  • Choose Department option when chat started (Sales, Rental or Service)
  • Update Text and added Terms of Use link



  • Setting Setting -> Company -> Website API -> Chat widget Copy to clip option
  • Website Text chat option
  • Website Live Chat option
  • Show Chat History (list and delete)
  • Assign Chat to user option (and reassign to other users)
  • End Chat option

Chat Module (Website Chat)

  • Create Chat widget (dynamic widget code created, load complete chat from single JS file)
  • Send Text and Live Chat option
  • Socket connection for real time chat
  • End Chat option

Service Order

  • Internal order – inventory item price pull from acquisition price

Customer and Businesses

  • Merge order history in to one tab (Sales, Rental and Service Order)

Print Order or Download Invoice

  • Update the library for speed optimization (Sales Order, Rental Order, Service Order and Quotes)

Sign Contract option in Sales Order

  • Sign by kiosk
  • Sign via email
  • Sign via SMS
  • Update the workflow (add sign contract action)
  • Update the notification settings (add sign contract options)

Tax Collection Reports

  • Update the tax collection report formula

User Activity Stream

  • Do proper whole system history

Website API Fields

  • Provided what fields pulled from website API option in System Settings -> Company -> Website API
  • UI changes

Added placeholder in search box

  • For small devices, added scroll bar option in following page (Inventory, Asset, Notes, Sales Order, Rental Order, Service Order and Payment History)

Planet Trailer website

  • Geolocation filter option
  • Filter by Category in Landing page
  • Category images updated
  • “How it Works” section updated


Tax Collection Report

  • Settings -> Other settings – Dynamic Taxes Collection Reports Decimal Place option
  • Generate tax collection report with 2,3 and 4 decimal place option

Performance Improvement (From Database Side)

  • Global Search, Rental Order, Sales Order, Service Order, Inventory, Asset, Quote Order and Reports

Planet Trailer

  • Update the API for filter using geolocation options

Asset & Inventory

  • Added Stock History tab on Details page


  • Complete UI updated, show parent-child option with fold/unFold options

Change Icon color

  • Payment integration, Rental Order sign contract, Service Order sign contract

Norstar Integration

  • Manufacturer Order – added accounting fields with margin/markup options
  • Updated accounting fields when convert Manufacturer Order to Inventory
  • Manufacturer Order – Editable Options with single/individual field OR All fields same time




  • Internal Chat – Fixed issue – unread count not showing properly
  • Dynamic settings for color
  • Rental Order – Show Asset Name in Order Listing
  • Service Checklist – Update the new UI and Drag and Drop to update sort option
  • Inventory – Combine all order history in one tab
  • Asset – Combine all order history in one tab
  • Norstar integration
    • Manufacturer Order convert to Inventory options
    • Show inventory category only when mapped with norstar category



  • Added New fields in Inventory (Stock ID, Payload, SKU, GVWR, length, width, height), wrote scripts and managed the ATR instance custom fields (using write multiple script)
  • Display workflow client side so only user can see
  • System -> Integrations -> Manufacturers => Dealer to manufacture rename in whole projects
  • Dynamic setting for conditions
  • Dynamic settings for color
  • Dynamic option for Questions/Answers for asset (for website)
  • Asset – can select the question which will be ask when user creating order from website
  • Select master menu option when create new category Or update category



  • Norstar Integration
  • Provide category Map Option
  • Update the APIs
  • Warranty Service Order
  • Create Warranty Service Order option
  • Warranty Service Order related changes in Appointment Calendar
  • Warranty Service Order related changes in Wrench Time
  • Warranty Service Order related changes in Reports
  • Service order checklist
  • Dynamically checklist create option
  • Checklist show in service order
  • Checklist show on invoice based on switch on/off
  • Checklist show in Mail

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