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Streamline your service operations and improve your customer experience. With its intuitive interface, WebbRes helps you stay organized and efficient delivering top-notch service to your customers. 

WebbRes Service Shop
WebbRes Service Shop dashboard

WebbRes Service Shop 

Our service shop solution is based on our proven trailer dealership management system, and provides the same level of functionality and convenience to automotive service shops. Manage service appointments, track inventory, and generate invoices all from one easy-to-use platform. 


Streamlined service and repair management processes help you focus on delivering top-notch service to your customers.

Automate sales processes and workflows to achieve your goals and stay organized.

Seamless website integration displays your inventory and services and allow customers to book appointments and schedule services directly from your site.

Simplified inventory management helps you meet customer orders and stay on top of your stock levels.

Enhanced customer relationship management give you a better understanding of all customer touchpoints and history with your business. 


Service & Repair Management

Efficiently organize your core processes and streamline your workflows with WebbRes. Our product modules helps you manage repair cost estimates, scheduling, billing, and tracking vehicle maintenance history.

Website Integration

Seamlessly display all your inventory and services on your website and allow customers to book appointments and schedule services directly from your site with WebbRes website integration. With built with modern API technology, we can either work with you to add this functionality to your current WordPress website or build you a new marketing website!

Inventory Management

Simplify the way you track and manage your inventory. From forecasting demand, ordering, storing, and supply-chain management, WebbRes gives you a better line of sight to make sure you always meet your customer orders.

Customer Relationships

Gain a comprehensive view of all customer interactions. Quickly access snapshots of historical orders, communication, and requests, give you the insights you need to deliver exceptional customer service. 

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