How FW Trailers Improved Processes

Improve trailer business processes

FW Trailers, a renowned trailer dealership based in Reno, Nevada, recently underwent a transformative change in their operations. Dissatisfied with their previous dealer management system (DMS) solution, FW Trailers sought a more efficient and user-friendly alternative. After careful consideration and research, they discovered WebbRes, a leading provider of trailer DMS solutions. This case study explores how FW Trailers improved their business processes by transitioning to WebbRes and highlights the positive impact it had on their operations.

FW Trailers had been using Trailer Central as their DMS solution, but the system presented various challenges. It was prone to errors, required unnecessary steps to complete routine tasks, and had a cumbersome user interface. To exacerbate matters, Trailer Central ceased offering their DMS solution, limiting their services to front-end website functionality. Realizing the need for a more efficient system, FW Trailers began their quest for a new DMS provider.

During their search, FW Trailers came across WebbRes through the North American Trailer Dealers Association (NATDA) website. Interested by WebbRes’s reputation and expertise, FW Trailers reached out to Britton Webb, the founder and CEO of WebbRes. Mr. Webb promptly responded to their inquiries, addressing all their concerns and offering a comprehensive product demonstration. Impressed by the capabilities of WebbRes’s DMS Sales and Service Operations modules, as well as its website integration, FW Trailers made the decision to transition to WebbRes.

The implementation process was seamless, with WebbRes effectively migrating FW Trailers’ data from their previous vendor within a mere two days. Tamme Atherton, one of the owners of FW Trailers, expressed her satisfaction with WebbRes’s DMS, noting that it logically flows within their business operations. She particularly appreciates the ability to track inventory, seamlessly convert it into sales orders, conduct efficient searches, and apply filters. The overall experience with WebbRes is a vast improvement compared to their previous solution. Furthermore, WebbRes’s development team fulfilled FW Trailers’ request to implement functionality that allows them to search by stock number (the last five digits of the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN).

Currently, four staff members at FW Trailers actively utilize WebbRes’s DMS, and while the system costs slightly more than their previous solution, the time saved more than compensates for the price difference. Tamme Atherton further emphasized that WebbRes “exponentially solved a lot of our everyday tasks with time management, inventory, and streamlined the use of the website.” By making the switch to WebbRes, FW Trailers has significantly enhanced their business efficiency.

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